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We tailor Excel according to your requirements. We develop bespoke & affordable solutions to any excel problem.

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  • Tailored Excel Solutions

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We tailor Excel according to your requirements. We have helped lots of clients in many industries to find solutions to their most difficult Excel problems. If you have an Excel problem, we have your Excel solution.

  • Tailored Excel Solutions

Truly Tailor Made

Easy to use, bespoke Excel spreadsheets, such as professional KPI dashboards; financial management; order forms; production planning; staff rota and work schedules; holiday calendar; data manipulation and analysis and sales tools, to name but a few.

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Cloud Databases

A financial institution asked for a system for booking financial transactions to a cloud database using Excel. Following regulatory standards, we delivered the product with full audit tracking and function level access rights. The system can be used by multiple users in different continents simultaneously while keeping the sensitive data safe. It also helped our client’s employees work from home smoothly during the Covid 19 lock-down.

Fund Performance

An insurance company wanted to be able to publish on their website the performance comparisons of their different fund’s annual and quarterly returns by uploading data from a single excel source. We customised their files to represent the bulk amount of data to be calculated from a single source and created an easy process for staff to update and publish the data online.

Inventory Tracker

A healthcare company asked for an inventory tracker to monitor their orders to help them stay on top of any potential failures in distribution. We delivered an inventory tracker which combined last decade’s information into a single sheet with all the necessary summary tables and charts. It has enabled management to have a better bird’s eye view to analyse their own data. It has saved money as staff spend less time entering new information and searching through archives.

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We take the powerful Excel functionalities and tailor them to your exact needs.