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  • You imagine it. We build it. Everything is possible.

At Tailor Made Excel, we specialize in helping you resolve complex problems using the data you already have in Excel. Our customized solutions are not only affordable but also tailored to address your most challenging issues.

With our diverse, real-world business experience, spanning industries such as finance, logistics, media, and journalism, we can quickly understand your unique challenges and deliver comprehensive solutions.

We understand that you need more than just a team of coders; you need problem solvers who can optimize your workflows, specifically designed for your business, workflow, and teams.

We know that off-the-shelf solutions do not always meet your unique needs, which is why we custom-build software solutions optimized for your workflows and processes. Our pricing model is a one-time business investment that does not become more expensive as your company grows or years pass.

Our team is proficient in working with Excel, Google Sheets, Mac Numbers, and Power BI, ensuring that we can provide solutions across various platforms. Let us help you streamline your operations and make data-driven decisions.

Some of what we do

  • We solve technical problems, automate manual workflows & build smart systems so you can streamline your operations & make data-driven decisions – fast

  • Live dashboards
  • Inventory tracker
  • Financial management
  • CRM systems
  • Supply chain management
  • Production planning systems
  • Scheduling systems
  • Employee tracking systems
  • Data manipulation and analysis
  • API connections
  • Event planning systems
  • Pricing systems
  • Accounting systems
  • System migrations
  • User access management
  • VBA macros

We also have a web development team who convert excel files into fully fledged web crm and portal systems. Click here to learn more.

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